About Us

Most of the unreached people groups live in countries that don’t welcome kingdom workers in the traditional sense. However, these same countries readily welcome business opportunities, job creation, education, and financial security. Our mission is to send workers into new areas of the world to train, employ, and encourage local artisans, allowing them to work in a safe environment and earn a fair income that will support their families and communities.

As a business, we buy their hand made products and sell or distribute them to global markets through our web store, partnerships, and relationships. Our mission doesn’t end with business and product development. It carries over to our small business teams that live out their faith and reveal God’s love in a tangible way, demonstrating His purpose for everyone that was created in His image. This message is reinforced when the business team treats their artisans with dignity and respect and work in a way that honors God. The hope is that these lives are eternally changed and that these teams can grow and reproduce.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information.

Email Us: info@28degrees.org.

A look inside a team that brings real change through jewelry manufacturing: